Wi-Fi HaLow Module Sub-GHz MM610X-001


Wi-Fi HaLow module Sub-GHz, MM610X-001 is based on MorseMicro MM6108 RF SOC. Wi-Fi HaLow is a low-power, long-range version of the IEEE 802.11ah standard, designed for IoT applications.

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Wi-Fi HaLow Module Sub-GHz Powered by MorseMicro MM6108 RF SOC, ideal for IoT with low power and long-range capabilities.


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The state-of-the-art HaLow Module MM610X-001 has already
obtained FCC certification. As promised, we provide high-quality Wi-Fi modules coupled with comprehensive end-to-end services. This ensures that you save significant time and money on certifications.



  The MM610X-001 is basically a supercharged Wi-Fi module designed for IoT (Internet of Things) applications. It’s powered by the advanced Morse Micro® MM6108 RF SOC. What’s really neat about it is that it operates at a frequency below 1 gigahertz (GHz), which gives it a longer range and consumes less power. It’s like the long-distance champion of Wi-Fi, following the special HaLow version of the IEEE 802.11 standard. This module isn’t just any ordinary device; it’s certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance as Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow™ and meets the 802.11ah specification. It’s got impressive RF capabilities, like excellent sensitivity, selectivity, and blocking performance. Plus, there’s a U.FL connector that lets you hook up an external Sub-GHz antenna for even better reception.

MM610X-001 Wi-Fi HaLow Sub-GHz Wireless Module

Wi-Fi HaLow Module Feature


Wi-Fi HaLow reaches 10 times the distance,100 times the area, and 1,000 times the volume compared to traditional Wi-Fi and connects thousands of device securely via a single access point.
      Wi-Fi HaLow Module Feature

  In terms of connecting to other stuff, it’s quite versatile. You can use various IO interfaces, including UART, SDIO, SPI, I2C, and GPIOs for functions like PWM and switches. It’s ready to communicate over a whopping 2 kilometers in a direct line of sight, which is pretty amazing. So, whether you’re setting it up indoors or outdoors for your IoT projects, it’s up to the task. But here’s the kicker: it can handle a lot of data. You’re looking at a throughput of 20Mbps using UDP, which is quite impressive for long-range wireless IoT. And its physical layer (PHY) data rate is 32.5Mbps. And just to put your mind at ease, it’s been certified by regulatory authorities like the FCC, IC, CE, TELEC, NCC, and RCM, so you know it’s the real deal. In a nutshell, the MM610X-001 module offers dependable and long-range connectivity for all your IoT needs. It’s got top-notch RF capabilities, flexible IO interfaces, and impressive data handling capabilities.  

HaLow IIoT Applications 

Achieves maximum transmission rate of 32.5 Mbps and enables communication up to 1 kilometer, a 10-fold increase over traditional Wi-Fi connections.

AsiaRF Wi-Fi Alliance HaLow Certified Halow for IoT AsiaRF Wi-Fi Alliance HaLow Certified Halow for IoT


Surveillance Cameras and Sensors Cloud Connectivity
Low-power Sensor Networks Building Automation Systems (BAS)
Asset Tracking and Management Machine Performance Monitors & Sensors
Building Access Control & Security Drone Video and Navigation Communications
Connected Toys and Games Rural Internet Access
Agricultural and Farm Networks Utility Smart Meter and Intelligent Grid
Proximity Sensors Industrial Automation Controls
Smart Home Automation EV Car Chargers
Appliances Construction Site Connectivity
Smart Signs and Kiosks Retail Point-of-Sale Terminals
Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications IP Sensor Networks
Biometric IDs and Keypads Warehouse Connectivity
Intelligent Lighting Controls BT/ZigBee(™)/Z-Wave(™) to Wi-Fi HaLow Gateways
Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi HaLow Bridges Wi-Fi HaLow Client Adapters/Dongles
Smart City Networks  



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  • Enabling 32.5 Mbps transmission and communication up to 1 km, it offers a 10x boost over traditional Wi-Fi.
  • Designed based on Morse Micro® MM6108 RF SOC.
  • Smart PMU, low-power design, 5+ year lifespan.
  • Integrates WPA3 and OWE for strong security.
  • Stable RF connections with exceptional performance.
  • Versatile interfaces: UART, SDIO, SPI, I2C for diverse applications.
  • AES encryption engine, hardware hash functions for strong data security.


Weight 0.0071 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 6.5 × 1.5 cm


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