WiFi AP Router in Module

What is the difference between real AP Router and Soft AP?

Real AP Router its CPU embedded can do more than WiFi USB dongle soft AP, like SNMP, multi SSID, VPN, multiple VLAN etc..
This is not an USB/ PCIe client in Module, this is a full AP Router full function in a module.
The World First AP Router in the market today. We are expecting many copy cat of this concept.
What advantages for WiFi AP Router Module (Mini PCIe Card)?
  1. Cost Optimized for specific application.
    Save your time cost and development cost.
  2. Flexible for draft design and application.
    You can save your time to design a new communication application in short time like 2 weeks only then finished, easy upgrade, ie. Upgrade from 11b/g/n to 11a/b/g/n, and high power etc..
  3. Time to Market, plug and play.
  4. Software transparency.
  5. Full AP Router Functions / Features.
  6. Easy Upgradable.
  7. Compact Tiny Size.
  8. Easy for Controller design.
Hope everyone like this idea and welcome to ask us more questions!