AsiaRF Wi-Fi HaLow IoT Solution, engineered to tackle the challenges inherent in conventional networks, such as restricted coverage and signal interference. This innovative HaLow solution also addresses the technical and financial hurdles associated with the various industrial IoT challenges faced during installation, as well as the equipment, network expenses, and challenges arising from upgrading to 4.0. Our solution offers high-speed, long-range connectivity paired with exceptional penetration capabilities, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness and power efficiency. Moreover, leveraging WPA3 technology, our solution facilitates point-to-point closed networks, significantly enhancing the security of information transmission. In doing so, our solution unveils a new horizon of connectivity for IoT, proficiently meeting your business requirements.

Seamless Connections, Smooth Mobile Experience with WiFi HaLow Wearable Gateway - ARFHL-UM

Discover seamless connectivity like never before with our Plug-and-Play wireless solution. No setup, just instant internet access. Wi-Fi HaLow technology guarantees low power consumption and exceptional long-range connectivity, exceeding 1 km. With USB Power Bank Support, stay connected for up to 8 hours effortlessly. Our lightweight design ensures on-the-go wireless networking anytime, anywhere. Transcend traditional Wi-Fi limitations with our energy-efficient, long-range solution. Explore Now

ARFHL-UM Application in PTT (Press-to-Talk) Scenarios

Comprising a design with Wi-Fi HaLow-enabled, long-range stable connection PTT (Press-to-Talk), it offers superior quality two-way multi-party PTT service in various industry sectors.

  • Transportation/Logistics PTT Service
  • Large-scale Industrial and Facility PTT Service
  • Business Group Calls Between Headquarters/Branch Offices
  • Public Services like Emergency Response Sites

ARFHL-UM Application in PTT Real-Test Video

Wi-Fi HaLow IoT Network gateway Solution, Simple Setup, Powerful Results - 


Unleash superior connectivity with our Flexible Connectivity Solutions in AP/CLI mode, eliminating the need for extra hubs. Handle over 8,000 stable connections from a single point, outclassing traditional Wi-Fi APs. Explore extended reach with 10x the usual Wi-Fi distance courtesy of sub-1GHz frequency, alongside robust performance with 150Kbps data rate over long distances and swift video streaming over shorter spans. Our sub-1GHz RF Signals ensure 10 times stronger penetration through walls and obstacles. Your gateway to boundless, effortless connectivity. Explore Now

Star Topology Network

Wi-Fi HaLow excels in indoor and outdoor areas where traditional Wi-Fi falters, perfect for battery-powered systems and large venues. A single HaLow access point simplifies installations, reducing costs. As automation advances, industries from process control to retail rely on HaLow for uninterrupted connectivity everywhere.

Unleash Your Creativity with Our Wi-Fi HaLow DIY Kit -

ARFHL- 575

Introducing our Wi-Fi HaLow DIY KIT, simplifying connectivity and control. Enjoy easy sensor expansion with Simplified I²C Connection and efficient data exchange via UART system. Our design ensures Seamless Device Integration and extended battery life of five years or more, reducing maintenance hassles. Harness the power of Wi-Fi HaLow for Expanded Reach in image and video sharing. Experience Smart Energy Efficiency with adaptive PWM function, and enjoy Intuitive Control over switching and dimming. Our product is the perfect blend of convenience, efficiency, and superior control. Explore Now

Broad Spectrum: Effortlessly Build Your Ideal IoT Solution.

Superior HaLow Outdoor Router: Long-Range Connection, Unmatched Coverage -


Experience unmatched resilience and connectivity with our weather-resistant device, boasting an Ingress Protection Rating for enduring harsh conditions. Enjoy Extended Coverage with powerful signal propagation, ensuring stable outdoor connectivity. With WPA3 implementation, we prioritize your security, shielding your data from unauthorized access. Our device offers versatile connectivity options, both wired and wireless, catering to diverse network environments. Simplify your setup with PoE (Power over Ethernet) Support, eliminating the need for separate power supplies. Our device is not just a product, it’s your gateway to secure, versatile, and simplified connectivity.

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Future-Ready HaLow Outdoor Relay: Wider Network, Uncompromised Speeds - 


Our relay, powered by Wi-Fi HaLow technology, is your gateway to future-ready IoT connectivity. It effortlessly extends your Wi-Fi network coverage, making it ideal for large outdoor venues and complex terrains while maintaining a steadfast data transmission rate. Even with its expansive coverage, it keeps power simplicity at its core, operating efficiently on a 5V USB power supply, eliminating the need for extra cords. This compact device is not just about meeting today’s needs; it’s an investment in a seamless, powerful, and convenient connectivity future.

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