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Will mesh networks solve Industry 4.0? Trying Wi-Fi HaLow.

When considering extensive wireless solutions, cost is a significant factor. Traditionally, for achieving wide Wi-Fi coverage, we often consider using Wi-Fi Mesh networks. However, Wi-Fi Mesh may require a higher initial investment. This solution involves multiple access points, requiring additional hardware and installation costs. Furthermore, maintaining Wi-Fi Mesh networks can lead to additional expenses, including device configuration and management.

Let’s shift our focus to a simpler, more cost-effective, and energy-efficient alternative: Wi-Fi HaLow. Tailored explicitly for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, Wi-Fi HaLow operates on Sub-1 GHz frequencies, ensuring low power consumption and extensive range. Its broad coverage and superior penetration capabilities make it exceptionally well-suited for large-scale management and monitoring tasks. Given these advantages, we are confident that Wi-Fi HaLow represents the future of factory automation.

In a traditional setup, achieving automation and monitoring would necessitate installing multiple Wi-Fi nodes across the facility. With Wi-Fi HaLow, a single router can accomplish the same task. This significantly cuts down on both installation and maintenance expenses, while also yielding energy savings.

Predictive Maintenance and Equipment Health Monitoring

One of Wi-Fi HaLow’s primary applications in the IIoT is predictive maintenance. By deploying Wi-Fi HaLow sensors on equipment, real-time monitoring of device operational status becomes possible. These sensors collect data on parameters such as temperature, vibration, pressure, and current, transmitting this information to a central monitoring system. By analyzing this data, managers can predict equipment failures, reduce downtime, enhance production efficiency, and lower maintenance costs.

Asset Tracking and Management

Wi-Fi HaLow is also invaluable for tracking and managing assets in industrial settings. Assets such as equipment, tools, raw materials, and more can be equipped with Wi-Fi HaLow tags or sensors, enabling real-time tracking of their location and status. This aids in optimizing asset utilization, reducing losses, and providing improved asset management and visibility.

Factory Automation and Production Optimization

Lastly, Wi-Fi HaLow plays a pivotal role in factory automation and production optimization. It can be utilized to connect automation equipment, robots, production lines, and control systems. This offers real-time data, empowering factory managers to achieve higher levels of automation, better monitor production processes, improve quality control, and maximize production efficiency.

In conclusion

With over 1 km of stable range, low power consumption that allows a single battery to last up to five years, and the capability to penetrate 30-cm-thick iron walls, Wi-Fi HaLow is ideal for factories of any size. It ensures seamless, long-range connectivity and supports multiple devices. Upgrade your factory automation with AsiaRF’s Wi-Fi HaLow routers to achieve higher efficiency and lower costs.

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