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AsiaRF’s pioneering technology: Wi-Fi HaLow with Dual-Band

AsiaRF, leveraging cutting-edge technology, has introduced the world’s first Wi-Fi HaLow Gateway with Dual-band support. This innovative device seamlessly integrates Sub-GHz Wi-Fi HaLow and conventional 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, catering to both long and short-distance connections. Engineered to deliver optimal performance, especially in diverse industrial environments, it provides unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

Key benefits include:

  • Dual-Band Flexibility: Combines sub-1GHz Wi-Fi HaLow and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, offering flexibility for different use cases—extending range for long-distance connections and enabling immediate internet access for short-distance connections.
  • Extended Range: Utilizes sub-1GHz frequencies for better penetration through obstacles, making it suitable for long-distance connections.
  • Infrastructure Cost Reduction: Achieves superior wireless network coverage with fewer devices, thereby reducing infrastructure expenses.
  • Increased Device Capacity: The ability to operate on two frequency bands allows more devices to connect simultaneously without compromising on performance, making it ideal for industrial IoT applications.
  • High-Capacity Networking: Supports over 8,000 stable connections, vastly surpassing conventional Wi-Fi APs in densely populated IoT environments.
  • Superior Data Transmission: Offers a robust data rate of 150Kbps over distances exceeding 1 km, ideal for transmitting critical data in expansive industrial areas.

Dual-band applications implemented in logistics scenarios:

  • Remote Sensing of Goods Status:

Applying AsiaRF’s ARFHL-AP in Sub-1GHz for long-range transmission feature, enhancing network coverage, enabling the wireless sensing of goods’ status and transmission of information through wireless barcode scanners or RFID system and other wireless sensing technologies.

  • Real-time Data Reception and Transmission:

Each worker equipped with AsiaRF Dual-Band ARFHL-UM can use the Sub-1GHz band to connect and also utilize the 2.4GHz to connect personal devices such as smartphones and tablets. This allows for querying inventory or information about goods and facilitates real-time scheduling and data transmission.

AsiaRF’s pioneering Wi-Fi HaLow dual-band technology, supporting both sub-1 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies, ensures a more robust connection, accommodating a greater number of devices while maintaining energy efficiency. This makes the device exceptionally well-suited for addressing the demands of IoT applications, including minimal power consumption, extended range, and seamless connectivity in environments with obstacles.


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