Wi-Fi HaLow Sub-1GHz+2.4GHz, long-range, low-power, ideal for IoT with wide coverage and strong penetration.

Wi-Fi HaLow Starter Kit DP-575


Wi-Fi HaLow Starter Kit DP-575 is a foundational development board equipped with interfaces like PWM, I2C, UART, GPIO, designed for testing and developing Wi-Fi HaLow client applications. Supporting 3.3V DC conversion, it enables rapid experimentation for diverse IoT applications.

Package detail

Wi-Fi HaLow Starter Kit DP-575 Platform: Wi-Fi HaLow Starter Kit DP-575 *1pc
Coaxial Cable SMA RP IPEX Pigtail 100mm Cable: Coaxial Cable SMA RP IPEX Pigtail 100mm *1pc
Wi-Fi HaLow Antenna 2.5DBI 900MHz ANTSM90003004001 Antenna: ANTSM90003004001 Wi-Fi HaLow Antenna *1pc


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Wi-Fi HaLow Starter Kit DP-575 Client: 

DP-575 Client: Using Wi-Fi HaLow Tech for Reliable 20 Mbps Data in Remote Areas

DP-575 could use AC input and output for Power input convert to 3.3V DC, PWM control lamp and other industrial devices. All Sensors could link with I²C connection and streamlined UART data exchange. It seamlessly integrates devices, offers long-lasting battery life, and extends connectivity using Wi-Fi HaLow. Additionally, it ensures smart energy savings through adaptive functions and provides user-friendly control with PWM-based switching and dimming.

* Software development kit (SDK) is free to provide, for more information please ask us after you order.



Wi-Fi HaLow Starter Kit DP-575 is a dedicated development board designed for Wi-Fi HaLow applications, featuring multiple characteristics and functionalities to provide comprehensive development support. Here are the key features of DP-575:

1. Pure Wi-Fi HaLow Environment Testing

DP-575 offers a pure Wi-Fi HaLow environment for developers to conduct thorough testing, aiding in real-world assessments of Wi-Fi HaLow performance and effective operation.

2. Equipped with Cortex-M33

Equipped with an ARM Cortex-M33 microcontroller, DP-575 provides low-power, high-performance processing capabilities suitable for applications requiring complex computations and real-time control, such as IoT devices and automated control systems.

3. Multiple Interface Support

It provides a rich set of interfaces, including PWM, I2C, UART, GPIOs, catering to the diverse connection requirements of different hardware devices or sensors, allowing developers to adapt to various peripheral usage scenarios.

4. Software Support

DP-575 features multi-tasking capabilities with compatibility for FreeRTOS, along with support for LwIP as a lightweight and efficient network protocol stack. This provides developers with flexible options for embedded systems development.

5. Basic Development Board Configuration

DP-575 comes with a basic development board configuration, enabling developers to initiate application development based on specific needs. In IoT applications, it is tested for remote transmission, handling a transmission data volume of 20M.

Note: This Development Platform requires an additional USB to SWD device for programming or debugging purposes. Please refer to this link >>


In simple terms, Wi-Fi HaLow is a new Wi-Fi technology designed primarily for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. It stands out for its low power consumption, long-range connectivity, and ability to penetrate obstacles, making it a great fit for challenging environments and remote monitoring. To put it briefly, Wi-Fi HaLow offers a robust communication solution with significant implications for our future daily lives and work.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Halow for IoT

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  • Dual Wireless Technology: Wi-Fi HaLow wireless combined in one IoT
  • Chipset: Wi-Fi HaLow Morse Micro MM6108 /STM32U5x5CI chipset @ 160Mhz
  • AC Powered:  85~277V ,50/60Hz
  • Security: 64/128-bits WEP, TKIP, WPA, WPA2, AES, WPS
  • Client Mode
  • Wireless Networking Standard : IEEE802.11ah
  • Core : Arm® 32-bit Cortex®-M33 CPU with TrustZone®, MPU, DSP, and FPU

Specifications | Hardware Features

Chipset STM32U575CI/STM32U585CI,MM610X-001
Internal Memory 2 Mbyte / 786 kbyte SRAM

/ Wi-Fi HaLow

Frequency Range 850MHz ~ 950MHz (subject to local regulations)
Data Rate Single-stream max data rate of 32.5 Mbps (MCS=7, 64-QAM, 8MHz channel, 4 µSec GI)
Interface I2C
IPEX I *1.
AC Power 85~277V /50/60Hz
Power consumption <3.3W
Transmit Power (EIRP) 11ah: +21 dBm (Typical) +/- 2dBm @MCS0

+18 dBm (Typical) +/- 2dBm @MCS7

Environmental Temperature Operating: -20ºC to 65ºC, Storage: -40ºC to 85ºC
Environmental Humidity, Non-Condensing Operating: 5% to 95%, Storage: Max. 90%
Dimension (W x H x D) in mm W50 x H90 x D1.6mm

Package with Coaxial Cable SMA RP IPEX Pigtail 100mm *1pc + ANTSM90003004001 Wi-Fi HaLow Antenna *1pc


Specifications | Software Features

Network Features IPv4/IPv6

DHCP Client



/ Wi-Fi HaLow

AP Mode/CLi Mode

Security: WPA3

1 BOOT ●The white point is 1st pin(PA12)

●2st pin(PA11)

●3st pin(GND)

●4st pin(PH3_BOOT)

2 I2C ●The white point is 1st pin(3v3)

●2st pin(PB8_SCL)

●3st pin(PB7_SDA)

●4st pin(GND)

3 I/0 2Port ●The white point is 1st pin (PA15)

●2st pin(PB3)

●3st pin(PB4)

●4st pin(GND)

4 SWD ●The white point is 1st pin (NRST)

●2st pin(JT_SWDIO)

●3st pin(JT_SWCLK)

●4st pin(GND)

5 UART ●The white point is 1st pin (3V3)

●2st pin(PA0_UART4-TX)

●3st pin(PA1_UART4-RX)

●4st pin(GND)

6 I/0 1Port ●The white point is 1st pin (PB5)

●2st pin(PB15)

●3st pin(PB14)

●4st pin(PB13)

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 22 × 7 × 4.5 cm
Country Standards for Antenna

US Standard Antenna, EU Standard Antenna


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