Warehouse Robots with Wi-Fi HaLow: Seamless connectivity for efficient logistics.

Warehouse Robots with Wi-Fi HaLow: Seamless connectivity for efficient logistics.

AI robots are rapidly emerging in the fast-paced world of technology, with “warehouse robots” being a prominent trend. Evolving alongside AI technology, warehouse robots can perform automated warehouse management, cargo handling, and even climbing shelves for inventory. Therefore, in warehouse environments, robots require a real-time and stable communication system to execute tasks. Wi-Fi HaLow is well-suited to meet these needs.

Compared to conventional Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi HaLow boasts a larger coverage range and higher penetration capabilities. Consequently, in expansive and structurally complex warehouse environments, network transmission remains smooth, efficient, and stable. This enables robots to execute commands seamlessly, including tasks such as navigation, position sensing, and even accomplishing self-climbing.

Key advantages of implementing AsiaRF's Wi-Fi HaLow IoT Solution in warehouse robots: ARFHL-AP + MM610X-001

Key advantages of implementing AsiaRF’s Wi-Fi HaLow IoT Solution in warehouse robots include:

1. Remote Monitoring

Wi-Fi HaLow operates in the sub-GHz low-frequency range, providing coverage up to ten times greater than conventional Wi-Fi. Accordingly, within warehouse spaces, Wi-Fi HaLow ARFHL-AP can serve as a central network point for remote connectivity and monitoring of robots, including sending commands and adjusting navigation paths.

2. Flexible Connectivity Paths:

Incorporating the built-in Wi-Fi HaLow module MM610X-001 into robots as a network connection client enables intelligent handling, picking, and even automated climbing of shelves. Leveraging AsiaRF’s Wi-Fi HaLow IoT series, connectivity tests have demonstrated a range of over 1.5 kilometers in parallel transmission and vertical transmission capabilities reaching up to 22 stories high. This expansive coverage widens the walking paths for warehouse robots, allowing them to navigate flexibly and ascend/descend with agility.

3. Superior Penetration Capability:

The Sub-GHz Wi-Fi HaLow signal exhibits enhanced penetration through obstacles such as walls and metal structures, making it highly practical in warehouse environments. With numerous shelves, partitions, and other structures present in warehouses, Wi-Fi HaLow’s high penetration capability helps overcome these obstacles, ensuring stable connectivity for robots.

4. Global Certification Compliance:

As part of AsiaRF’s commitment to delivering reliable products, the Wi-Fi HaLow module MM610X-001, based on Morse Micro® MM6108 RF SOC, has obtained a series of international certifications, including FCC, TELEC, IC, CE, RCM, and NCC. This ensures that Wi-Fi HaLow products used in smart logistics and warehouse robots are genuinely high-quality communication devices that comply with international certifications and safety standards across various countries.

AsiaRF Core Value: Care, Connect, Customize

Overall, the low power consumption, extensive range, and high penetration capability of Wi-Fi HaLow make it an ideal choice for warehouse robot applications. This contributes to improving the operational efficiency of robots, saving energy, and ensuring reliable communication in complex warehouse environments.

AsiaRF Wi-Fi HaLiw Module MM610X-001 has obtained a series of international certifications, including FCC, TELEC, IC, CE, RCM, and NCC.

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