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AsiaRF’s Wi-Fi 6E Module offers your enterprise an unparalleled network experience!

The Wi-Fi 6E Module AW7916-NPD is a highly advanced Mini PCIe module with Wi-Fi 6E 3000 capabilities. It features G-band 2T2R + A-band 3T3R 2ss Tri-band concurrent technology, providing a transmission efficiency of 3000 Mbps. With support for Wi-Fi 6E, even in densely crowded environments, the Wi-Fi 6E Module AW7916-NPD delivers efficient network performance while accommodating a greater number of Wi-Fi users. Its wider spectrum and increased capacity ensure smooth operations, reducing latency and interruptions.


  • IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax compliant
  • G-band 2T2R + A-band 3T3R 2ss, Tri-band concurrent with PHY rate up to 3000Mbps
  • Support 20/40MHz bandwidth in G-band, and 20/40/80/160MHz bandwidth in A-band
  • Security support for WFA WPA/WPA2/WPA3 personal, WPS2.0
  • Support MU-OFDMA TX/RX
  • Support MU-MIMO TX/RX
  • Support greenfield, mixed mode, legacy modes

The expanded spectrum delivers astonishing performance.

The Wi-Fi 6E Module AW7916-NPD provides a more powerful experience for high-bandwidth applications. By utilizing up to 14 additional 80MHz channels or 7 extra ultra-wide 160MHz channels in the 6GHz frequency band, it supports smooth and high-definition video calls and can handle large-scale data transmission.

(Many countries worldwide are in the process of opening up the 6GHz frequency band, allowing unauthorized users to access it. The majority of regions in North America and South America have already fully opened the 6GHz frequency band. Other countries are also attempting to prioritize opening certain portions of the 6GHz band, and currently, my country is continuously studying and considering opening the 6GHz frequency band for public use.)

Wi-Fi 6E moudle AW7916-NPD Mesh+Security

A mesh system can provide offices and enterprises with a more reliable network connection, covering a wide area, and allowing numerous devices to connect to the network, offering better performance in densely populated device areas. Even as users move to different areas, their devices can smoothly switch to the strongest Wi-Fi access point without the need for manual reconnection or experiencing disconnection.

The Wi-Fi 6E Module AW7916-NPD adopts the latest WPA3 security protocol, safeguarding users from unauthorized access and data breaches, addressing security threats in modern wireless networks.

Accurate and fast remote operation

Compared to the past, Wi-Fi 6E enables remote operations with higher precision. This advancement is expected to drive the progress of remote medical services and open up possibilities for practical applications of remote surgeries in the medical field. With Wi-Fi 6E, healthcare professionals can perform surgeries with greater precision and less invasiveness, marking a significant breakthrough in the field of medical services. Additionally, in manufacturing and logistics, technologies such as robotic arms and drones can execute tasks more swiftly and accurately, reducing the likelihood of errors. This technology also fosters progress in smart and automated systems, bringing forth more innovations and efficiency for businesses.

At the end of 2022, the University of Michigan in the United States underwent a revolutionary change by deploying over 16,000 Wi-Fi access points across 225 buildings and outdoor areas on campus. This remarkable achievement allowed the university to support up to 70,000 device connections simultaneously. Through this extensive Wi-Fi infrastructure, the University of Michigan can meet the growing data demands, enhance teaching and campus management efficiency, and foster the application and development of smart devices on campus. This will have a positive impact on various aspects of academic research, student learning, and campus life.

Wi-Fi 6E is a significant trend in the current wireless network market. With continuous technological advancements and increasing data demands, Wi-Fi 6E has become the representation of the next-generation wireless network technology and is gaining widespread attention and adoption in the market.

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