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Enhancing Office Building Connectivity with AP7688-WHM Wi-Fi HaLow IoT Gateway

Wireless connectivity has become crucial in response to the growing demand for the Internet of Things (IoT) in industries. However, meeting the requirements of the current industry standards, such as office building IoT applications, for Wi-Fi 4, 5, and 6 is becoming increasingly challenging. As a solution, Wi-Fi Alliance officially introduced Wi-Fi HaLow in 2016, operating in the sub-1GHz frequency band.

In light of this context, AsiaRF attentively listened to the demands of enterprises and spearheaded the development of a Wi-Fi HaLow IoT Gateway last year. In June of this year (2023), we proudly introduced the “Wi-Fi HaLow IoT Gateway, powered by Morse Micro’s MM6108 Wi-Fi HaLow SoC.This cutting-edge gateway fully supports the IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi HaLow standard. Subsequently, this product swiftly acquired Wi-Fi Alliance certification, making it the world’s inaugural Wi-Fi HaLow certified product. This accomplishment not only showcases our proficiency but also signifies a significant milestone in the realms of wireless connectivity and the IoT industry.

AsiaRF ‘s Wi-Fi HaLow IoT Gateway from provides several benefits for office building applications:

  • The Sub-GHz Wi-Fi HaLow signals deliver reliable long-range connectivity across office buildings.
  • Sub-GHz Wi-Fi HaLow signals penetrate through walls and other obstacles, making it suitable for office environments.
  • WiFi HaLow’s low-power technology enables extended device operation, contributing to the sustained operation of IoT devices.
  • WiFi HaLow’s efficient and low-power technology facilitates the simultaneous connection of numerous devices within office buildings.
  • WiFi HaLow seamlessly extends from existing WiFi standards and maintains compatibility with current WiFi devices, eliminating the need for extensive replacements.
  • In high-density environments like office buildings, Wi-Fi HaLow adeptly manages the competition among multiple devices, ensuring stable connections.

Get ready to embrace the AP7688-WHM Wi-Fi HaLow IoT Gateway poised to revolutionize the connectivity of your office network. This isn’t merely an upgrade; it represents a comprehensive transformation.

Imagine expanding your coverage by tenfold and achieving astonishing distances. Envision multiplying your coverage area by a remarkable 100 times, easily covering previously unreachable spaces. With the incredible capacity to handle a data volume a staggering 1000 times that of traditional Wi-Fi, you’re witnessing a true game-changer.

But that’s not all – the AP7688-WHM Wi-Fi HaLow is more than just connectivity; it’s also about security.

It’s the single access point that offers secure, seamless connections for thousands of devices. No more managing multiple access points; this represents the pinnacle of efficiency.

Embrace the AP7688-WHM Wi-Fi HaLow IoT Gateway, and you’ll be embracing a future of boundless possibilities. From seamless, secure connections to reshaping your office network experience, this technology enhances your performance. With unparalleled range, cost-effectiveness, minimized interference, and simplified management, it’s not just a solution – it becomes your competitive advantage.

It’s about more than just maintaining connections; attain excellence through AP7688-WHM Wi-Fi HaLow IoT Gateway. The future of your network begins right here.

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If you want to know more about our Wi-Fi HaLow Gateway AP7688-WHM, Click the here for more detailed information.


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