AsiaRF World’s First Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow™ Gateway

We are delighted to announce that our Wi-Fi HaLow gateway has obtained the world’s first HaLow certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance, with the assistance of Allion, a renowned leader in Wi-Fi certification testing. This achievement represents a significant milestone in wireless connectivity and IoT.

Powered by Morse Micro’s MM6108 Wi-Fi HaLow SoC, our gateway sets a new benchmark for IoT connectivity. It supports the IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi HaLow standard, offering reliable, low-power, and long-range connectivity for IoT networks.

“I am thrilled that AsiaRF is the first company to introduce a Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow gateway for global markets. Our gateway will make a significant impact on improving IoT connectivity worldwide, and I am excited to collaborate with partners like Morse Micro to drive this transformative change in the industry,” said Paul Lai, CEO of AsiaRF. “Obtaining the world’s first HaLow certification is a remarkable achievement for AsiaRF, and I owe a great deal of our success to the expertise and support provided by Allion. Their invaluable assistance has solidified our position as a leader in wireless connectivity solutions.”

The collaboration between AsiaRF and Morse Micro empowers businesses and consumers to unlock the full potential of the IoT, revolutionizing the way people live, work, and communicate globally. “The new AsiaRF Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow gateway showcases the many advantages of using Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow SoC technology for IoT connectivity, and we are pleased to see it come to market this year.” said Michael De Nil, co-founder and CEO of Morse Micro.

AsiaRF’s Wi-Fi HaLow gateway will be available for global shipment. For more information about the AsiaRF Wi-Fi HaLow gateway and its impact on the future of IoT connectivity, please visit

Purchase our World’s First Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow™ Gateway for yourself by clicking here.

•About Morse Micro
Founded in 2016, Morse Micro is a fast-growing fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with offices in the UK, USA, China, Japan, Taiwan, and India. With over AU $200m in capital raised to date, the company is the world’s largest and best-funded Wi-Fi HaLow company. Morse Micro focuses on developing Wi-Fi HaLow solutions and enabling next-generation connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT). By pushing the boundaries of current Wi-Fi protocols, Morse Micro is driving the transformation of our digital future and enhancing connectivity worldwide.
For more information, Visit their website at

•About Wi-Fi Alliance
The Wi-Fi Alliance is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to driving the adoption, interoperability, and advancement of Wi-Fi technology. With a mission to connect the unconnected and foster innovation, the Wi-Fi Alliance brings together industry leaders, technology experts, and stakeholders to collaborate on developing and promoting Wi-Fi standards. For more information, Visit their website at

•About Allion
Allion is a global leader in providing wireless transmission consultancy, inspection, and certification services for wireless technologies, IoT devices, and consumer electronics. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of seasoned experts, Allion ensures the highest standards of quality, compatibility, and performance for products in the connected world. Visit their website at

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