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【Wi-Fi HaLow Expert Kit】AP7622-WH1 5G 4G LTE Router Board with 2.4GHz,Wi-Fi Halow, GPS, LoRa IoT functions by MT7622 w/ 2.4GHz Wi-Fi manufacturer


The AP7622-WHM Wi-Fi HaLow Expert Kit features a powerful MT7622 board equipped with integrated 5G and 4G LTE capabilities. This comprehensive kit includes a Wi-Fi HaLow module, a GPS module, and additional IoT functions for versatile connectivity. The package also contains one 2.5dBi 900MHz Wi-Fi HaLow antenna, a coaxial cable (1.13 diameter SMA RP-IPEX pigtail), GPS Antenna and five dual-band 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi/BT PCB antennas, providing a robust foundation for a variety of networking applications.

Package detail

Wi-Fi HaLow Antenna ANTSM90003004001 Antenna: Wi-Fi HaLow Antenna 2.5DBI 900MHz ANTSM90003004001  *1pc
1130150131X080R_2 Cable: Coaxial Cable SMA RP IPEX Pigtail 100mm *1pcs
Antenna: ANTS245005002M01 Wi-Fi Antenna Dipole dual bands 2.4/5GHz 5dBi  *5pcs
1130150131X080R_2 Cable: Coaxial Cable 1.13 diameter SMA RP IPEX Pigtail 1130150131X080R   *5pcs

For optimal performance, consider purchasing one AW7615-NPD and one AW7916-NPD module for installation, or you can install two of the same module depending on your specific needs.

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AP7622-WH1 a 5G 4G LTE Router Board by Mediatek MT7622 with 2.4GHz,Wi-Fi Halow,GPS,LoRa IoT functions, after add on AW7915 serious Wi-Fi modules to be 11ax 5702 Mbps Dual Bands Dual Concurrent.

AP7622-WH1 5G 4G LTE Router Board with 2.4GHz,Wi-Fi Halow,GPS,LoRa IoT functions by MT7622 w/ 2.4GHz Wi-Fi manufacturer

Wi-Fi 6E is optional

  • A versatile 5G/4G LTE router board powered by the MediaTek MT7622 chipset.
  • A 802.11a/b/g/n/ac AP Router board,with high performance ARM® Cortex-A53 MPCoreTM operating up to 1.35GHz. With LTE module(optional), UART, I2C, SPI, and GPIOs can do many different applications.
  • Equipped with WiFi Halow module MM610X-001,which supports the construction of Wi-Fi HaLow networks based on the IEEE 802.11ah specification.
  • Supports Wi-Fi 6 speeds up to 5702 Mbps when equipped with the AW7915 series Wi-Fi modules.
    (If you need, we have all OPENWRT firmware ready could let this board works with the Wi-Fi and 5G/4G modules. You need to buy AW7915-NP1, AW7915-NPD, or AW7916-NPD. 4G/5G modules we will put online soon.)
  • Supports Bluetooth, 802.11n/ac/ax WLAN via PCle, and prioritizes streaming services with its hardware NAT engine and QoS.

AP7622-WH1 5G 4G LTE Router Board with 2.4GHz,Wi-Fi Halow,GPS,LoRa IoT functions by MT7622 w/ 2.4GHz Wi-Fi manufacturer

MT7622 is fabricated with advanced silicon process and integrates a Dual-core ARM® Cortex-A53 MPCoreTM operating up to 1.35GHz and more DRAM bandwidth. This SoC also includes a variety of peripherals, including SGMII, RGMII, PCIe2.0, USB2.0(Host/Device), USB3.0(Host)ports, and 5-port 10/100 switch. To support popular network applications, MT7622A also implements 2.5Gbps HSGMII and 1Gbps RGMII Ethernet interface, embedded a 5-ports 10/100 switch and supports Bluetooth and 802.11n 2.4GHz 4T4R WLAN radio, 802.11ac/802.11ax (900Mbps) WLAN connection can be supported thru its PCIe port. Besides the connectivity features, the hardware-based NAT engine with QoS embedded in MT7622Atransporting the audio/video streams in higher priority than other non-timely services also enriches the home entertainment application. The SFQ separating P2P sessions from audio/video ones so that MT7622A guarantees the streaming service. With the advanced technology and abundant features, MT7622A is well positioned to be the core of next-generation Smart Wi-Fi AP router, and home gateway systems.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 14 × 3.5 cm


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