WiFi USB dongle as the WAN for the WiFi Router


WiFi USB dongle as the WAN for the WiFi Router

What is it? Why should I have a WiFi USB dongle as the WAN of the Router?

Normally router has the RJ45 ports, there is one marked as WAN. In the router mode, the IP address three octets are different with other LAN devices. Like WAN is 192.168.1.x, LAN is 192.168.111.x. The WAN(RJ45 port) normally is linked with switch or the other router’s LAN port. Our setting is make a WiFi USB dongle linked with WiFi Router’s USB port as a WAN linking. To avoid the radio frequency interference, the channel of the WiFi USB dongle is always different with the WiFi router.

The application is you can use a high gain WiFi USB dongle (AWUHN2405, Top Catcher, Megabond) to get the WiFi internet linking from WISP’s base station far away like 5km. Those dongles can mount in outdoor or on glass to get the signal from outside. The WiFi USB dongle’s USB cable can be 10 or even 20Meters long. The WiFi Router can broadcast the signal easily in the area we want, like dome or inner room.

Before is using a WiFi CPE to get the signal and use the CAT5 cable to link with the WiFi router. Now we replace WiFi CPE with WiFi USB dongle. Not only the cost also the application, could be the repeater easily

Below is the diagram we show here. Welcome to ask us if you have any further suggestion. We would love to develop and serve you as the premium customer.

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