Professional 3G WiFi Router 2.4GHz AWBRNPRO
  • APS Support
  • Hardware NAT
  • Super DMZ
  • VLAN
  • SNMP v1.v2
  • Dual Image (optional)
  • USB 2.0 Host (optional)-support 3G/4G , IP sharing, SAMBA
  • IP Sharing (optional)


APS (Auto Provisioning System)Support

Easy to remote configure/upgrade software to CPE device via Provision System.

Hardware NAT & TurboNAT

NAT is often the performance bottleneck in an IP sharing device. Generic routers are generally insufficient when dealing with a high-speed broadband network. Therefore, Hardware NAT/TurboNAT is designed to solve this problem. By accelerating the NAT performance, Hardware NAT/TurboNAT allows the device to fulfill the higher speed network and to reserve the system performance for other features such as ACL and VPN servers.

Our Hardware NAT function can provide you 98.5Mbs above high performance throughput to access internet application quickly.

Super DMZ

Make the devices behind of AP router get the Public IP address.


Port-based VLAN is the simplest approach to VLAN implementation. The idea is to assign the ports on a switch to different VLANs, confining the propagation of the packets received on a port within the particular VLAN. Thus, separation of broadcast domains and division of virtual groups are achieved.

Wireless - Universal Repeater Function

The Universal Repeater function is similar with WDS in that it is used to essentially enlarge the area of wireless network coverage. However, unlike WDS, Universal Repeater offers simplicity in configuration requirements, as users only need to configure the current AP as a client, and to connect it to the second AP’s SSID (or BSSID). However, you need to ensure that the two APs are using the same wireless channel and security mode (and key) for Universal Repeater to work effectively.

SNMP v1.v2

Dual Image (optional)

The device comes with 2 Flash Memories.  Once executing the F/W upgrade and fail, the device will recover the data from another back-up memory and keep the device alive.

USB 2.0 Host (optional)-support 3G/4G , IP sharing, SAMBA

    Hard Disk for file sharing (SAMBA)

Option 1: Connected Notebooks and computers (via wireless or wire) could access the Hard Disk to write or read the data.

Option 2: Could remote access to Hard Disk to write or read the data.

    3G USB modem for IP Sharing

Connected notebook and computers (via wireless or wire) could  get benefit to receive more flexible and easy way to create an instant wireless network sharing Internet service via 3G modem where ever at Home, Hotspot or in pubic place.

IP Sharing (optional)


Intelligent Bandwidth Management (iDBM) provides two powerful and unique mechanisms to manage bandwidth: Static Bandwidth Management (SBM) and Dynamic Bandwidth Management (DBM). SBM provides users with the option to allocate a fixed amount of bandwidth for a specific computer or a particular application, while DBM intellectually manages the rest of the bandwidth while all the time satisfying the complicated bandwidth requirements/settings of SBM.

The essential configuration needed by iDBM is to specify accurately the bandwidth you have. iDBM would then dispatch bandwidth according to this information. Please Note: Improper bandwidth assignment may cause iDBM to work ineffectively

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