2.3~2.5GHz 802.11b/g/n 4W Wi-Fi Booster PCBA AIB1140NP



    • 2.3~ 2.5GHz Frequency Coverage
    • High Output Power to 4W
    • Very low heating & power consumption
    • Electronic Power Saving
    • High Throughput; Clean Signal
    • Long transport distance
    • Compact Size, light-weighted


Frequency coverage 2.3~2.5GHz
Operating Mode Bi-Directional TDD (Time Division duplex)
Max. Output Power  36dBm/ 4W
TX Input Power 1dBm ~ 18dBm
RF Input Power for Turn-On >1dBm
RX to TX switch time <0.5μs
TX Supply Current 1.3A Max,, Vcc=5V @1W Power Output
RX Supply Current <20mA, Vcc=5V
Receiver Gain  12 dB
Noise Figure  3.5 dB
Linear Operation  Pin < -15dBm
Operating Temp. -40 ~ +60℃
Dimension  2mm(L)x30mm(W)

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